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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Feeling Good

I'm sure the rest of you are not like this, but some days for me are pretty lousy. They are few and far between, but not fun when they come around. So, in an effort to perk myself up, I think of and mentally list all of the things that I am good at. This is that list, compiled.
  • Reading

  • Wearing slippers

  • Eating cereal

  • Taking a shower

  • Bathing my kids - I'm not always calm, but I am efficient

  • Finding random uses for old windows

  • Persuading my husband to build a deck

  • Looking at craigslist

  • Painting - the project doesn't always turn out like envisioned, but it's painted

  • Vacuuming - dusting, not so much

  • Making a great batch of bread sticks

  • Eating chocolate

  • Impatience

  • Thrifting, garage saling, estate saling

  • Walking

  • Trying on shoes at a shoe store

  • Folding laundry - getting stains out, again, not so much

  • Conversing

  • Optimism

  • Good ideas

  • Remembering people's names

  • Being tactless

  • Growing grass in an enamel container on my kitchen table

  • Getting rid of useless and unwanted items from our house

  • Taking out the trash

  • Remembering something about Bryce that I can remind him of at an opportune moment

I feel better already.

Hoping you don't have a lousy day,



  1. Love ya Katie! And Happy Birthday on the 4th (you know, the 4th that happened last Sunday, also known as Easter this year). I can personally attest to your wonderfulness and terrificocity!


  2. A few things I am good at:

    Reading in bed
    Coming up with great ideas and not following through
    Reading family blogs
    Buying books I love

    Happy lousy day to you too! Here's to a better tomorrow. Cheers!

  3. Other things you're good at:

    Letting people come over and shower at your house when they haven't had water for a couple days and they're the YW president and they have to be in charge of New Beginnings in a few hours.

    NOT reading Walden (or probably anything by Henry David Thoreau)

    Letting people come over to your house on two minutes notice because the townhouse they're trying to sell is being looked over.

    Bringing a friend dinner when she's preggo and has a horrible cold and cried at you on the phone when you only called about visiting teaching. (I'm pretty sure it did involve breadsticks.)

    Making cute frog blankets with a matching burb cloth for newborns.

    I'm sure I could go on and on...


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