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Monday, April 19, 2010

Things I do as a parent that I shouldn't

I've compiled a list of things that I should notdo as a parent either because it is a bad idea to begin with or because sometimes I still feel like a first time parent.

  • Let my kids help make cookies.

  • Let them run around naked.

  • Left them unsupervised in the bath tub...not Meg. However, no one has fallen asleep or drowned, that I know of anyway.

  • Let them jump on the bed.

  • Let them think that going to the bathroom with the door open is normal.

  • Dress themselves.

  • Allowed them to return a glass dish to the neighbors. (It broke, I'm sure you could have deduced that.)

  • Do their own hair...not Meg, for obvious reasons.

  • Jump in puddles in the street without shoes.

  • Not wear shoes any place but the grocery store.

  • Watch Mama Mia, it's rated PG-13, in case you're wondering.

  • Let them listen to Queen, over and over and over.

  • Take them out of the house.

  • Let them help plant the garden.

  • Left Meg and Adeline alone in the same room without supervision, no, wait, that was my mom, not me.

  • Do crafts with them.

  • Put syrup and powdered sugar on waffles, pancakes, French toast.

Here's to us, trying not to make the same mistakes our parents did,



  1. Just add that to the list of "remember when mom......"that you kids review every time the family gets together. But I'm happy to report, I did some of those same things as a mom and all my kids turned out great. Love Mom

  2. Glad to hear you aren't perfect! I think it is these imperfections that make wonderful memories for our kids! By the way, I am wearing my new shoes again today and have received several compliments :) Thanks again!

  3. I'm not sure we've all turned out okay yet mom...Andy is still up for debate. :)

    Here's my little list:
    Let the boys watch the Star Wars trilogy
    Let the boys watch Kung Fu Panda (a lot of ka-ra-te followed this viewing)
    Let the boys watch Mamma Mia--I'm not against this, but apparantly Jay is. :)

    Happy Monday!

  4. My list is WAY too long for blogging. Glad you are light years ahead of me! :)

  5. Katie, I love reading your blog! You can always bring a smile to my face, I love your sense of humor and your take on motherhood! well its classic and makes me feel like I'm not alone on this crazy ride we all unwittingly signed up for. Thanks, Katie!


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