The Happyish Homestead

Friday, April 23, 2010

We're dealing

Dear Friends and Family,

I regret to inform you that one, lime bush, and one, lemon bush, died.

Time of Death occurred sometime this week when no leaves nor evidence of new leaves could be seen.

Resuscitation was attempted in the form of leaving them outside for a couple of days, but to no avail.

We are all devastated and doing as well as can be expected. Please keep us in your thoughts.




  1. oh no, that is sad! All your hard work down the drain. Lesson learned: Lime and Lemon trees are not good investments :) Hope you all recover from this tragedy.

  2. I suppose this email was to be expected. However, I am still shocked. Try to think positive thoughts.

  3. You are darling! Thanks for coming to our blog and leaving such great comments! We really must be friends. :)


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