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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Road Trip Reflections


The following are some thoughts that crossed my mind as I was taking a Yes-I-Am-Borderline-Crazy-To-Take-My-Three-Kids-By-Myself-On-The-Road-To-LasVegas-Because-My-Husband-Is-So-Busy-I-Feel-Like-A-Single-Parent Trip.

Is "rumble strip" the official term for the grated shoulder? (Side note: I knew a girl in high school who thought that those were for blind drivers. What?)

Who in their right mind would live in Sulphurdale, UT? (Another side note: if in fact the town did smell like rotten eggs, at least the people weren't lured in by a false sense of expectation, you know. Not a lot of surprises. No Rose Bud or something.)

After having passed at least six Ranch Exit signs, it dawned on me that Ranch is not the name of the road or town, but it is indeed, a Ranch Exit. I know, I'm an embarrassment to Idaho.

I saw a couple of signs that said "speed is monitored by air craft". Air craft? Like an airplane, or a hovering robot, a Wall-E?

I completely stopped using my turn signal after one hour in. I think its implied when I'm changing lanes and passing you on the right side after riding your bumper because you're going 60 mph in the fast lane.

The only person who doesn't think they're the slow traffic is the slow traffic.

Nose picking - everyone does it, especially in the car. Even Elizabeth. Why do you ask? Because she gets hungry and needs a snack and her nose needs a cleaning. True story.

The thing that amused Meg most in the car? The girls taking off their shoes and licking their feet. Please don't judge, it was out of my control.

Glad to be home,



  1. Happy Birthday friend! Please oh please tell me you did not spend your birthday alone in the car with three kids or even alone at home while your husband worked.

    And while you were road tripin' you shoud have swung around my way. It only would have added like 15 hours to your drive.

  2. VERY entertaining! Jay likes the rumble strips...he calls them a butt massage. :)

    Glad you braved the roads and we could spend some time together! And by the way... you are not my mom, nor are you in charge of me, and if you can see the words coming out of my mouth...we should all get a long fine. :)

    Miss you guys already!


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