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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Other Side

Things I am NOT good at:

  • Being creative with my hair. Never mind that I have a super great hair stylist who lives next door and who is really reasonable.

  • Cutting Bryce's hair. That about ruined our marriage.

  • Growing corn. I don't know what it is, but it's disgraceful. Bryce tactfully said that maybe my time would be better utilized trying to grow something else instead...

  • Making Rice Krispie treats. I've gotten a lot better but desserts you don't have to bake, like No-Bake cookies I'm horrible at.

  • Cleaning the shower. I'm actually quite good at this, but maybe if I feign the opposite, I won't have to do it as much.

  • Couponing. I'm really lazy.

  • Being tactful, I've made too many people cry by this fault.

  • Sending out pictures, either by email or post.

  • Shopping for jeans.

  • Making lasagna. I try doggedly at this also, but it has yet to be a true triumph.
  • Singing. I mean everyone can sing, I just happen to not sing well.

  • Having boy babies, this must be the case, since I don't have any...not that I'm complaining.

Trying to stay humble,



  1. I am so glad you posted early this morning! I think that cleaning the shower should be someone else's job. I hate to clean the showers! I have a recipe for a lasagna, that really isn't lasagna that you should try. It is pretty hard to mess up! Caleb loves lasagna so we have it monthly! Love you! (Do you like all of my exclamation points?)

  2. Not to rain on your parade, but technically I think the lack of boys should be blamed on Bryce. His "boys" determine sex...

    We must not have been good at girls since I only got one chance at that and then I got bumped over to boys.

  3. Hey, I like your hair. It inspires me. You can rock a ponytail. If only I hadn't chopped mine off....
    To have a boy you need to move to a different neighborhood. Girls only here. Unless you are Sara.
    I am tomato impaired, if that helps.


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