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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just for You

I'm sure many of my readers out there, all 22 of you, have been longing and pining for a true Bell update, this post goes out to all of you.

Bryce: is home!

Katie: is on a massive home make-over. Somewhere along the way I got bored and am ready for a change. If there is anything in my home that you like, there's a pretty good chance I'll give it to you. That may or may not include children. I bought some indoor plants. Please refrain from any snide remarks about this; the plants were on clearance at half price.

Elizabeth: has toned down her indoor cartwheeling fanaticism. She turns 5 (!) next week and really wants to have a friend birthday party and a new big two wheeler. I'm making her a play t-e-n-t. If you want pictures of this event, please donate to the buy-a-new-camera fund.

Adeline: has anyone seen her left foot pink cowgirl boot? Please send it back via priority shipping. I'm hoping it will decrease the number and magnitude of crying bouts in the morning.

Meg: has perfected the art of smearing food into her hair. She also adopted a large, black, West African lady at the store the other day and somehow non-verbally conned the lady into giving her crackers and walking with her around the play area.

Yard: is tired of dandelions. Curse you, neighbors!

Floor: is wondering why it is always sticky.




  1. just so you know you have 23 poeple who read your blog. I read, but don't follow, harsh, but I don't "follow" anyones least not that I know of. have fun making over your home.

  2. Well, I like pretty much everything in your house, so anything that you think needs to be relocated to my house is welcome, provided you tell me where it needs to be placed. :)

  3. I do appreciate your tactic of only putting up one picture a post. At this rate, you are at least buying some time for the camera fund to build up before you run out of old pictures and have nothing new and fresh to put up.

  4. ummm...well actually 24!! Hi Katie--member Susie Pannell?? I'll fess up. I am a reader even though you didn't know--but now you do! PHEW...glad that's off my chest!! I'll sleep better now. :0)


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