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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Call Me a Hater

I like snacks.

I do.

I revel in potato chips, crunch baby carrots, inhale frozen grapes, string my string cheese, sneak fish crackers, rehydrate jerky, frequent Happy Hour at Sonic, splurge on McDonald's French fries, faithfully eat my yogurt, sample fruit snacks, and on occasion, in the loosest sense of the word, eat peanut butter M&M's by the handful.

Count me in as a believer.

But I hate the concept of 'cuting up' snacks.

I've read and seen countless articles about how to make snacks more fun and appealing so little ones will buy in.

I declare, from my roof top if I could, stop the madness. Just eat the food! Be grateful that it's healthy and plentiful and you have food to eat at all.

It goes along the same lines as a grocery cart liner to keep your baby away from germs as you trek into Wal-Mart, or a wipe warmer so that poor little bum is nice and comfy as you bend over its contents in the heat of the summer.

To the children of the world: snacks are not a right, they're a privilege; if you're shopping at Wal-Mart, which I myself do regularly, you have more concerns than germs; and products to wipe your bum are often coarse and one-ply.

Good luck little ones.




    The mean our made to rough it, buck up & be appreciative?? Not many speak that language these days! I totally agree with ya. I learned it & my girls are sure learnin' it!!

  2. You mean I shouldn't make cutesy little snacks for my kids??? Surely that's blasphemy, right? I buy pretzels in different varieties, sticks, twists, huge fat sticks, etc. That's the extent of my snack creativity.

  3. I got one of those shopping cart liners as a hand-me-down. Joe refused to let me use it. I'm thinking of trying to sell it at a consignment shop...hopefully someone else will buy in to it.
    I do admit that I faithfully swab my cart handle with the sanitizing wipes when shopping. I don't know if it makes a difference with germs, but I like to think it does. And sometimes, it buys a solid 3 minutes of distraction for Lizzie as she "wash-washes" the rest of the cart within her reach.

  4. Mmmmm, you make me want a snack...where are you today?

  5. Wow... shows I have a lot to learn ... sewing, quilting, kids, critters in the yard...where's a girl to start? :)

  6. God created goldfish crackers so moms and kids could both enjoy a snack that requires no preparation! Love me a bowl of golfish.


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