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Friday, July 16, 2010

Let there be light...

What was there before...
and now.

Adeline turned 3 yesterday!

Of course it's cheesy!

So I bought this chandelier at a garage sale for $3. Bryce wasn't there when I bought it so when I was bringing it to the car and putting it into the trunk he said something to the effect of 'what did you just buy?'

At first I was hesitant when I bought it. It could be border line ghetto. So it took me a while to commit before I hung it up. However, when I was looking through Better Homes and Gardens, they featured two of these type of chandeliers. That sealed the deal.

It also made me a bit arrogant about my purchase.

I tried to take some pictures of it with it turned on because it looks much cooler that way.

Also can you catch a glimpse of that little scale to the left? It's an ice cream scoop scale.

There's a barn having a sale this weekend some miles from here that I really want to go to. (That sounds really weird when you say it that way.) Hopefully I'll find some time to 'stop by'.

If you live around the Denver area, make sure you come to the quilt tying get together!



  1. Just call ya the shady lady!! :0) LOL Really though I like it!!

  2. You are funny! I think it looks good. Besides, and I'm totally speaking for myself here, a little ghetto never hurt anyone :).


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