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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Fun Has Arrived!

I couldn't sleep last night. I was excited and terrified. I was excited because the quilt giveaway is finally here and because I didn't contrive arthritis from binding too much in too short a time. I was nervous because I kept thinking 'what if they don't like the quilts? what if this is a mass disappointment? what if they stop "un-following" in droves?'

Then I remembered, oh yes, these are hand made quilts AND they're free. It'll be fine.

The names are an ode to Neil Diamond and my childhood.

Cherry, Cherry

Red, white, and blue fabric, tied with embroidery thread in white and blue. Bound with white fabric and backed with a white sheet. Cotton batting.

Forever in Blue Jeans

Frayed jeans backed and bound with yellow and orange lemon print fabric. Tied with yellow and orange embroidery floss. Cotton batting.

Cracklin' Rosie

High quality fabric, backed with black and white, and lime green fabric. Tied with a variety of colored embroidery floss. Bound with black fabric checkered with white bunnies sporting red neck ties. Cotton batting. This one is my favorite, but don't let that sway you.

September Morn

Hand quilted. Americana themed. Polyester batting. Bound and backed with maroon fabric.

Yesterday's Song

Machine appliqued eight point stars. White centers, followed by colored fabric and cream colored points. Tied with embroidery floss and buttons in the center of stars. Bound and backed with fabric with white flowers on a brown background. Cotton batting.

I have a friend who is a statistician come up with some numbers about the odds of each of you winning, assuming that everyone enters. Everyone has a one in sixteenth chance of winning. If you have two people from the same household, there is a one in eighth chance of winning.

All the binding is finished by hand.

How to Enter:

You must leave a comment. State the name of the quilt that you want to win and your favorite post. YOU HAVE TO PICK ONE OF EACH. None of this: but I like all of the quilts, or she's so clever, how can I just pick one post?

  • You must leave your email address so I have a means of getting a hold of you.

  • You must have entered by Wednesday morning at 7am.

  • I will announce the winner on Wednesday's post and re post the quilts that are still available.

  • Multiple people from the same household can enter, but only one quilt will be awarded per household.

  • You must be a follower.

  • If you live in Idaho I will be sending your quilt with my mom.

  • If you live elsewhere I will be pawning furniture and/or children to acquire the sum to send the quilt.

  • If you live in Oregon, I will be sending the quilt with my in-laws.

  • will decide the winner.

Good Luck!



  1. Katie, thanks for inviting me to your blog. It is fun to see what you are up to lately. I will email later but I had to enter this contest. The quilts are great and my favorite is "Yesterday's Song." My favorite post is "Don't even Bother." My email is


  2. September Morn
    Stating the Obvious -because it was so wrong coming from someone who 'loves to be right' ha ha...

    I never win anything...but hey, I'll play along. :)

  3. I am really excited about this! My favorite is Yesterday's Song and my favorite post was The Curtain Saga. What, you're not perfect?! My email is

    Love ya!

  4. Cracklin Rose, I loved all of your blogs, but the one about being pulled over for expired plates was good, living in A-town was good, the post about Elizabeth, Adeline and Meg were all good. I like the comments you make under your picture, and this is the 3rd time i have tried to post.

  5. Hello Katie,

    They really are all very lovely but my favorite is Cherry, Cherry. My favorite post is one of your recent ones "Don't Even Bother." After I got home from work on the day I read it, I told my son about it and he laughed and agreed that it sounded like what I have said about our home in the past.

    ~ Tracy

  6. Well I was gonna say that my favorite is Yesterday's Song... but I see I'm not alone. My second choice would be Forever In Blue Jeans because I contemplated recycling some old jeans just a week or two ago to make a quilt and then realized they'll just sit in my store room until they rot, but if I win yours what a bonus... (Still my rambling means Yesterday's Song is my first favorite, though if I win later in the week after it's gone I'll still be happy.)

    My favorite is your Adeline post because if I changed her "A" name to a boy "A" name it sounds just like my house. (What is it about middle children??)

  7. Hey, I'm still a dork. I meant to say September Morn. I do love Yesterday's Song but September Morn is my favorite. Can I change my vote?

  8. Forever in Blue Jeans (just to be different), and my favorite post is STILL "Dating" - hilarious!!!

  9. I just want to say what an amazing blog you write. You and your husband are so creative. My favorite blog was the marriage ref. I hate to tell you this, but your husband was correct. He deserves more of the mattress. I love all of the quilts, but Yesterday's song is the quilt I would like to have.

  10. Forever in Blue Jeans-and if I win I'll pay the shipping!!

    Social Statistics and Learning were my favorite posts.

  11. Wahooo! I'm excited! My most favorite quilt is Cracklin Rosie, I love love it! Hmmm...I think your stats post was my favorite because I too am right 99.9% of the time. (unless you ask Ben, then it's more like 99.8%) Mostly I just love your blog, thanks for all the smiles on Monday's, midweek hump day and good laughs heading into the weekend! You rock. Good luck with the giveaway, and let's hope my number gets picked!! (oh, and of course I'll pay shipping).

  12. My favorite quilt is Forever in Blue Jeans and my favorite post was 25.
    I just became a "follower"..but I have been reading your blog for sometime now and I love it. It always makes me smile.
    my email is

  13. There were an awful lot of directions for this quilt give-away...I think you may have a little too much faith in your "faithful" followers. Are you disqualified if you don't list everything in the correct order? :)

    My email address is

    My favorite quilt is CRACKLIN' ROSIE but will settle for any of the beautiful creations...nice work girl!

    My favorite blog is "I was going to...."

    p.s.--I think that if you write a very long comment your chances are much higher... :)

  14. This is a crazy generous and amazing giveaway, so count me in! My fave post is 'Learning' and I'm loving the Forever in Blue Jeans quilt -- would be perfect for my boys!

    Catch me at or my blog at

  15. You are adorable as always. I love all your posts and all your quilts! and if you ever pawn/give away a girl i will take one!


  16. Cracklin Rosie is my favorite, although I do really like them all, even though you think that's a lame thing to say. I think my favorite recent post is the one about running, I'm sorry I'm not stating the actual title. I'm excited! :) my email is

  17. My favorite quilt is September Morn, and my 2nd favorite is Yesterday's song. My favorite post so far was the marriage ref. I could relate to the topic. It was funny. I don't know how you have the energy, or the time, to do everything you do! It's amazing! My e-mail address is:

  18. I love all of them. I always think that someday I might make a quilt or even do a project or craft and then I think of something else to do instead! My favorite is Forever in Blue Jeans! My favorite post was Window Palooza because I love how crafty you are! My email address is I am heading to Germany on Friday, I guess if I win, I will find out when I get back, huh? By the way, I am going for the longest comment, Emily said it might help my chances:)

  19. Oh make me laugh! I really do love all of them but in the chance of not wanting to be lame and that I actually want to win...I choose "Cracklin Rosie"as my favorite, with September Morn" a close second. I recent favorite post is the "Don't Even Bother" post. Pick me, pick me!I live close and you wouldn't have to worry about sending the quilt with anyone. And we love watching your kids :)

  20. You're adorable and a half.

    My favorite is Cracklin' Rose!

    My favorite blog is "I was going to...."

    My email is

    I'm soooooo excited to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Cherry, Cherry. For sure. If I win I'll promise to eat dinner outside on that blanket for a week. I will also invite you over to eat a dinner on that blanket.

    My favorite post is " A Talk with Adeline." I still remember reading it, trying to retell it to Michael and, literally, rolling on the floor trying to finish said retelling.


  22. My favorite post is The Good Wife. My favorite quilt is September Morn. Don't hold it against me, but I am not a Neil Diamond fan. We can still be friends, right?

  23. My favorite quilt is Yesterday's Song and my favorite post is A Talk with Adeline. Too funny! This was a great idea. Thanks for posting! Love you and your funny blog. :)

  24. Katie... You are so AWESOME. I can't believe all the work you did. My favorite post, by far, was "The Marriage Ref." I was laughing so hard while reading it. My favorite quilt is September Morn, but Yesterday's Song is a close second. You are really talented. I have always been a follower, but now it is official!

  25. Katie, the background on this blog is divine. So you. And I do mean that in a good way. So I don't know if I am a day late and a dollar short, but I hate asking for a quilt that you made when I already have one. So if you feel the need to bestow some service on your friend, I would lobby for cracklin' rose.

  26. My favorite quilt is definitely Cherry, Cherry but I love them all. I know I just did exactly what you told us not to do :) Ryan and I laughed like crazy at your mattress saga. My email is
    Thanks for doing this!

  27. "My" favorite quilt is Cherry, Cherry because Tiffany said that it had to be "my" favorite quilt. I loved the mattress post. You can use Tiffany's email.

  28. So Excited!!! I just can't hardly wait. My favorite quilt is Crackln' Rose. . . it was so hard to choose. . . so hard. My favorite post has been "Don't Even Bother." is how to get a hold of me.

  29. Cracklin' Rosie... something about the two toned backing drew me in.

    Honesty... love it when you tell about an honest day's work in the home.

  30. Oh, I love faded blue jeans, but I cannot vote for that because chances are I would win and then the quilt that I made for my hubby would be over-shined....and that cannot happen! I love September Morn...I actually thought it was September Mom, it matches my bedroom. I love Americana.
    My fav. post (is there really only one fav?) is where you asked everyone not to tell your kids that you were vacationing...I also do this trick! oh, and I like that post because I commented on it! :)
    Your blog brightens my day. Can't you post daily? This 3 times per week stuff is hard on me!
    P.S. Does your mom travel to S.E. Idaho!? :)

  31. September Morn.

    I like the post where you list the ten ways you know you live in A-town, because when we first moved to "A-town" you are the first person I heard call it that. It makes me feel like a thug to live in A-town even though I really don't have the potential to be a thug even if I wanted to.

  32. Cracklin Rosie is my fav. and my favorite blog is Don't even Bother it made me laugh a lot and still had me laughing a few days later.
    email is Thanks Katie for your creative, hilarious blogs, and of course the chance to win a lovely quilt.

  33. Favorite Quit: September Morn
    Favorite Post: The one where you go for a walk with the girls and their baby strollers. Too real, too funny.
    If I win you can just send it with your mom. I'll come and visit eventually. Maybe I'll even let her borrow it for a little while (I know how bad she wants one). But since I never win anything this is all superfluousness. Kudos to you Katie, the mom with it all!

  34. My sister is a huge quilter so I won't enter your giveaway, but I just wanted to tell you how talented I think you are and that this is an amazing gift of time that you are giving away. My poor arthritic fingers hurt just thinking about how much effort these took!


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