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Monday, July 5, 2010

Some Successes

  • July 3rd - We hosted a spur of the moment BBQ and it was

  • Hair - not mine, the girls'. I don't French braid, never have been able to, but the other day I turned on Toy Story for the girls and gave it a go while they sat dumb struck by animation. It actually looked like French braids.

  • Broccoli - we planted it in our garden this year, and harvested some of it, and it tasted just like broccoli

  • Projects - I got all of the projects done this week that I wanted to. Bryce should take me out for dinner, don't you think?

  • Garage selling - I found two large frogs for $.50 each and three boxes of scrap fabric for $1 a piece.

  • Dinner - I cooked dinner every.single.night this week. Pasta roni totally counts.

  • Jo-Ann - I bought fabric for the last of my quilts for the give-away. I'm doing it the end of this month, for sure.

  • July 4th - everyone was attired in red, white, and blue.

  • Movies - Bandslam, it's a fun flick with unrealistic characters.

  • Meg - she wanted her hair put in curlers like Elizabeth and Adeline. She was incredibly patient and kept wanting me to put more curlers in her hair. Naturally she pulled them out 3 1/2 minutes later, but it was fun while it lasted.



  1. Your barbecue was awesome, your kids are cute and your quilts are fantastic.

  2. I'm a late commenter, again...super cute pics and what fun things to celebrate! Will you come put curlers in my hair?


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