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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sleep Deprivation

I'm melting over here. It's hot, really hot. It was 75 degrees in my house this morning when I woke up, at 6:30am. It wasn't really 6:30am but maybe my husband is reading this......Listen people, that is not a 'low'.

So I did.not.sleep.well. At all. Also, I don't sleep great on Tuesdays because I'm usually turning over post ideas for Wednesday. Genius comes in small doses and on it's own time schedule.

This is what I've come up with:

You know you live in A-Town if: (brilliant, right?)

Someone is jay-walking 20 feet from the cross walk.

You pull skitty-whompis into a parking spot at the library and then you get out to see if the person next to you has enough space. So you ask the gentleman and he says yup, just fine, then proceeds to introduce himself and pulls out a business card to his church. He also happens to be an African-American wearing a do-rag.

Kmart still exists.

You go to Wal-Mart at 10:30pm and most of the customers are hauling around exhausted children.

There is a park every 1.3 miles.

It rains every single 4th of July, right during the fireworks.

There are people advocating the rights of a rodent known as the prairie dog.

You have snakes that live in your yard that on occasion get run over by the lawn mower and when you go to throw the snake away it is no where to be found, and then your two year old stumbles upon the half that didn't get away. Therapy, lots of therapy.

You live four miles away from the best thrift store, ever.

The city owns the tree in your yard and you're not allowed to do anything to it. Did I mention it's in your yard?

There is a street with 40 pawn shops on a five mile stretch.

A liquor store and a church are next to each other in a strip mall.

You can go to some of the best garage sales and estate sales around. I'm convinced that's the only reason my mom comes to visit.

In other news:

The quilt tying party will be next week with the quilt give away the following week. I've decided to give away a quilt on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so you'll have to be quick in responding if you want to enter. There will be five quilts to choose from. I really want you all to participate.

And I've decided that you have to be a follower to enter. There's no reason to be embarrassed that you read my blog. This is a judge free zone.

One other thing, I'm being featured over at the The DIY Showoff, flattered to pieces, thanks Roeshel.

Maintain this enthusiasm till Friday for a fabulous project post,



  1. How can you expect someone to walk all the way to the crosswalk?? It's much easier to just run across the middle of the street, especially when you have a few kids in tow, rather than waste 30 seconds walking to the crosswalk first. Or better yet... it's much easier to slowly meander across in the middle of the road. Those people in cars clearly aren't in any rush and would be more than happy to sit and watch you walk by in front of them. It's like their own private parade, right?

  2. I like that you don't own your own tree. That is a little weird.

  3. Snakes?! Ewww, gross. I totally want to win a quilt. Tell me what I need to do to win! (cause I much too lazy to make one, and I've been dying to have one for like...years.)

  4. You're too funny. Okay, so how do I enter the giveaway? This is exciting! Why are you giving away quilts. I think I"m going to delay my Monday drive to Cheyenne so I can attend your tying party and LEARN!!!! YAY!


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