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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Round 2

And the winner is: Tiffany Green! Her quilt pick was Cherry, Cherry and her favorite post was The Marriage Ref. Congratulations!

This was fun, let's do it again.

The ones still available are:
September Morn
Forever in Blue Jeans
Yesterday's Song
Cracklin' Rosie

Reference the previous post if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

This time you have to leave a comment telling me what your favorite song to sing in the shower is.

Don't be afraid to enter again, really, your odds are quite high of getting a quilt.

Thanks for all of those who particpated, I had fun reading all of your comments and to find out who reads my blog.

Thanks to all of those who helped tie the quilts. It was a pleasure having you all over to do my work for me.

The Post:

I was talking to my mom the day I posted Don't Even Bother. She was terrified because I had just put up a picture on my blog with my house showing our house numbers and she was worried for the girls' safety. Mom, it's like you didn'

No one in their right mind would come to our house after I had listed 51 completely true observations.

Good luck, again.

So if you were shy or nervous the first time, here's your chance.

A tender thought: I really want you to enter if you read my blog. I am doing this for you guys and.....because I am in desperate need of some blessings over here. Remember how somewhere it says it is more blessed to give than to receive.

I will announce the winner on Friday morning.


Another thought: this is nothing like gambling, really, it's not. So don't let that hold you back.


  1. Fav is still Cracklin' Rose

    This is the song I sing most often in the bathroom (to Lizzie when she just gets out of the bath and I'm drying her off),
    "Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross
    To see a fine lady upon a white horse
    With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
    She shall have music wherever she goes"

    Joe's sings a version about turkey and cranberry sauce with bells in the nose so she shall smell music wherever she goes.

    ps... whose turn is it to call? it's been awhile.

  2. I confess I'm not a shower singer. I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm just too uptight. I am SEVERELY lacking in singing ability. (Makes ya wonder why I've been choir director twice.) If this will redeem my deficiencies... I did make up a song to get Mary to eat baby food and I've sung it to the boys also. I call it "Ode to Sweet Potatoes." I also tell my kids they smell like wet chickens when they get out of the shower because that's what my dad always told us.

    Well that was long and rambling.

    I think my fav is still Yesterday's Song, though now that I'm typing a comment I've gotten myself all mixed up and don't want to back up to go look at them again since I'm already making myself late for Adam's surgery followup visit. (I'll be ecstatic with any of them so even if I messed up I won't cry.)

  3. My favorite is still September Morn and if I am going to sing in the shower it would probably be "You are my Sunshine". But mostly I sing in the car with my radio turned up so loud I can't hear myself. :)

  4. I'm still loving the denim!

    Good bye, good bye Miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry...

  5. My favorite is stil Yesterday's Song. I honestly don't sing in the shower or any where else where someone can hear me! I would have to say that my favorite song at this moment that I sing randomly around the house is Airplanes featuring Eminem. Weird, I know!

  6. Congrats to Tiffany!! So for me the song in the shower depends on my day ahead...for today it would be "My Girl" Mostly it's just has to be something I can belt out. My favorite quilt is still Crackln' Rose.

  7. Quilt: Cracklin' Rosie

    Song: Leavin'on a Jet Plane and anything by John Denver...but, I'm with Rachel, I love to sing in the car. :)

  8. I was so mad when Monday and Tuesday my computer was down and out...well not the whole computer just the internet. So glad I pay for it :P

    ANYWAY I was happy to see that I still have a chance.

    As for singing in the shower...yeah not big on it. I have tried and I feel too silly and I ussually shower while the kids nap (yep thats about 1 p.m.) and I would hate to wake them. HOWEVER, if I was to sing in the shower the first song that came to my mind to sing was "you never close your eyes any more..." I dont' know the title. But I would sing the bass parts of coarse.

    As for my favorite quilt. I love cracklin' rosie and september mom. I know you said I have to choose one. and so I pick Septmeber mom. But just so you know I love them both equally. I mean seriously I have probably gone back and forth three times now as to which I would actually pick as a favorite to love the most. great job with them all. Makes me think i should pull out my sewing skills.

  9. What sing in the shower, who has time! I listen to Phantom or Les Mis, and then catch myself singing.Since only one quilt was given away does that mean this goes on until all quilts are gone?

    September Morn,

  10. September Morn

    I sing whatever is stuck in my head. This week it's, Cecilia (Simon and Garfunkel).


    Famous (some stupid song my kids sing from their shows on t.v. only I change the words to - "I don't want to be famous")

  11. Favorite is still Cracklin' Rosie. Yay for Tiffany--even though I am quite jealous. You can be happy for someone and envious at the same time, right?

    I find myself singing kids songs in the shower these days--to Daphne so she doesn't get mad while I shower. I've had a random primary song stuck in my head that I don't even know the words to, and that's the one I've been humming. Singin in the Rain is an especially good one for the shower :)

  12. Hi Katie! I'm crashing your blog. I tied a few knots, right? I'm not a shower singer, ever really, but if I hum something it's usually orchestral. Nerdy, huh? If I were a shower singer, though, I would probably be singing Primary songs right now because I have a new Primary calling and I have *completely* forgotten most of the songs.

    My favorite quilt is Cracklin' Rosie. I love love love your stuff! You've inspired me -- I'm taking a few sewing lessons from a friend this summer. It was fun to meet you ladies! Thanks for being such great friends to Katie.

  13. Favorite quilt is still Cracklin Rosie! It's beautiful and it's got a great name (we call our oldest Makenna Rosie--Rose is her middle name) :)

    And as far as singing in the shower...I wish I could say it was something funny like the Macarana song, you know the one with hand motions. But alas, it's always something bland like "All the Single Ladies" because Luke loves the chipmunks and the Chipettes sang that song in The Sqeakquel, hence we are ALWAYS listening to it, and it gets stuck in my head...

    Wow, that was a long comment, sorry! :)

  14. I am not a shower singer and if I end up singing in the shower it is because a song got stuck in my mind. The last time I can recall singing a song it was a few weeks ago and it was Amazing Grace. Typically, I sing in the car when I am by myself and can turn the music up high. That way I cannot hear myself nor can anyone else!

    I like Cracklin' Rosie. I love all the bright colors and the song it is named after.

    ~ Tracy

  15. I don't sing in the shower, unless you count the chorus of "Leave me alone, shut the door, this is my personal time!" I have had Pig on her Head by Laurie Berkner stuck in my head, thanks to Laura's insistence on hearing it 20 times a day.

    September Morn is still my favorite.

  16. My favorite quilt is still September Morn.

    My shower songs change from week to week, but lately it has been "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat. "It starts in my toes, makes me crinkle my nose..." I love that song.

  17. You are very talented! My favorite is Cracklin' Rosie. I LOVE all the colors. I forgot to enter last time. DARN! I do check your blog frequently though.

    I honestly don't sing in the shower either. I make up random songs when I'm playing with Brayli in the bath tub though.They're usually about washing you hands and toes and ears and nose and so on.

    We're leaving for vacation with my family on Friday so I will try so check and find my name as the winner before we fly out. wink, wink!

  18. Umm... I sing most often when I'm nervous - not in the shower. But the song I sing when I'm nervous is almost always "The Impression That I Get" - Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Still voting for Forever in Blue Jeans.

  19. As of recently, I sing I am Like a Star and Choose the Right Way. Mostly because those are the only songs that help me get through a full shower without Turner screaming and throwing a fit. I like Cracklin' Rosie. Probably because of the cute design on the back. I'm a sucker for green. Case in point, check out Turner's room.

    P.S. They all look great! I wish I could have been there to help tie them.

  20. I love Forever in blue jeans, still.
    I don't sing in the shower, but if I did it would have to be a song from my little one's favorite show "Alvin and the Chipmunks" (the 2nd one). She hasn't been feeling well and that is what we have been watching at 3 am.
    Oh, how nice it would be to cuddle up in a nice new quilt with her. ;)
    I do enjoy your blog.

  21. "I'm quick on the trigger
    with targets not much bigger than a pinpoint
    I'm number one.
    But with my score with the fellers
    is lower than a cellar
    oh you can't get a man with a gun.
    With a gu-un!!!
    With a gu-un!!!
    Oh you can't get a man with a gun!"

    The embarrassment of announcing that should be enough to get me two entries into the drawing. I'm still digging the "cracklin' rose." You're awesome!

  22. My favorite quilt is yesterday's song. I don't really sing in the shower but when I do it's whatever is stuck in my head. Lately it is King of Anything by Sara Bareilles or Need You Now by Lady Antebellum :)

  23. I know I might be too late now, but, better late than not at all! I don't sing in the shower at all. I know, big shocker, huh? But I do lock the bathroom door so the kids don't come in every two min asking for a piece of gum, etc. One time Cayson came in naked to take a shower with me. I spend way too long in the shower, but I have to have my quiet time some time. My 1st fave is still Sept morn and my 2nd fave is Yesterday's song.

  24. I still love Forever in Blue Jeans. I have always wanted to make a jean blanket. The one I made didn't work out.
    I don't sing in the shower, but I blare the radio real loud! I am usually yelling at Campbell telling him I am almost done!


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